Casual Basic Sailing Class

COST: $325 per person per day.
DESCRIPTION: This class teaches the basics of sailing. It is covered in two sessions of on-the-water training. Students will begin by rigging, docking, and motoring a boat, size dependant on availabilty; usually 22ft. Then students will learn the sailing terminology, maneuvers, drills, safety, and more. For those who just want to learn sailing but don't desire ASA certification, or already have ASA certification and wish to have a more intensive "refresher", the class can be completed in two days. The entire class will be aboard the boat including about a half-hour 'chalkboard' session to go over theory. Students are responsible for obtaining a sailing book for study and to come to class prepared as you will get out of the class what you put into it. Book examples are 'Sailing Fundamentals', 'Annapolis Book of Seamanship', 'Start Sailing Right', 'Sailing Made Easy'. If you would like us to send you a sailing book, please add $25 to your class. Class times: 10 AM to 5 PM both days.


Cancellation Policy; A full class credit will be issued to you if for any reason you must cancel your sailing class or charter ten days before start of class or charter. Credit is good for one year after the first date of enrollment. Credits are transferable to friends or family members. If cancelling within ten days of start of class or charter there are no refunds, unless you have purchased the refund insurance described below. Cancellations due to weather will be given a credit. Cash refunds are granted if you purchased Refund Insurance (see below). Special Note: for Basic Coastal Navigation class (ASA 105), there is no credit extended if you cancel. You may receive a refund if you purchased the refund insurance.

Refund Insurance; Unexpected events sometimes arise and force us to change our plans. Sailing Ventures offers our sailing students Refund Insurance for $45 per class and per student--due at the time of enrollment. Refund Insurance entitles you to a full refund of class tuition should you cancel your enrollment more than ten days prior to the start of your class. If you cancel within ten days of the start of your class, you will receive a full credit of your tuition valid for one year from your original class date. Credit is transferable to friends and family members, and is good for all Sailing Ventures classes.

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