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Sailing Ventures is an American Sailing Association Training Facility.

Ahoy there! Lake Tahoe is an excellent place to develop or improve your sailing skills. This beautiful lake offers wide open spaces to sail, deep clean water and a variety of sailing conditions.



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Sailing School Classes:

Introduction To Sailing - 2 hours-
You can handle the lines, set sails, and take the helm for 2 hours of hands-on fun, enjoying beautiful Lake Tahoe. Please call or email us to make arrangements for this class. Not for certification.

Pricing: $140/person private lesson or $195/couple on our Capri 22 sailboat.


Casual Basic Sailing Class, two days
This class covers the standards presented in the Basic Keelboat class, time and weather permitting, but is designed for the student who has already recieved formal training and wants to 'get back into sailing' or just want to know some basics. We will cover the fundamentals of sailing, along with some docking. Price $325/person/day, limited to two to three students per class. See below for ASA certification courses.
Family Sailing Lesson, two days
Bring your family or get together with your friends for two days of sailing fun! Kids must be 11 years old or older and accompanied by an adult. Participation is not required, so if you just want to come along for the sailing experience, you are welcome! Not for certification; see below for ASA certification courses. Price per class: $1100 flat rate or $500 for one day; four people max.
ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing Class, three days (over two weekends or consecutive weekdays)
The Basic Keelboat Class teaches the fundamentals of sailing with an emphasis on the interaction of the wind, the boat and the sails. Price $575/person, limited to three students per class. This class is the first prerequisite to joining our Sailing Club as a Capri Member. Military discount (active and retired) $50 off this class. Please note: $100 of the fees for this class are non-refundable.
ASA 103, Basic Cruising, three days (over two weekends or consecutive weekdays)
Learn to sail boats from 25 to 30 feet in length. An emphasis on operating under auxilary power. Anchoring, reefing, heaving-to and other basic skills. After completing this class, you may join or upgrade your club membership to Full Cruising Membership. Class price $535/person, limited to three students per class. Buy both the ASA 101 and 103 package for $950/person.
ASA 104, Bareboat Charter Class, three days and two nights
An Intermediate class where students spend three days and two nights aboard a 27' to 32' yacht. This class is held at Lake Tahoe, or other special locations. Sailors learn such skills as some basic navagation, boat systems, and advanced anchoring/docking techniques. Price $625 per person, limited to four sailors per class. Please call or email us for details on this class.
ASA 105, Basic Coastal Navigation, two or four days in classroom
It is strongly recommended that every mariner learn the essential skills to navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. This class is available two ways. First as a Home Study course that is completed with an exam for ASA Certification. Price is $195 per person. We also offer this course in a classroom setting with an Instructor for $310 per person for the one weekend class. Look for these classes in our email notices or on this web site. Class Dates: TBD, usually in Reno, NV, and is typically a two weekend (four day) class at $250/person.
ASA Challenge-In, 2-4hrs/class
If you have sailing experience and wish to challenge into an ASA course instead of taking the full class, you may take the written exam and water practical. Certification is awarded once the challenge is successfully completed. $225/person/class at 2-3 hrs/class.

Class Packs, 2hrs/class
For those who have taken ASA courses and want to get more practice in with an instructor. You can now purchase a pack of 2 to 4 classes during the week (some weekends available) to hone your skills, build confidence to take a boat out on your own, or if you just would like to refresh a few skills. This is a group lesson for 2-4 students. There will be two time slots; 11am to 1pm for beginners (lighter winds) and 1:30pm to 3:30pm (usually stronger winds; 10-15mph) for more advanced sailors. We must have a group of three students for this class to be scheduled.

Pricing: 22ft sailboat: $40/person/class for a 2-class pack; $35/person/class for 3-class pack; $30/person/class for a 4-class pack.


27-32ft sailboat: $60/person/class for a 2-class pack; $55/person/class for a 3-class pack; and $50/person/class for a 4-class pack.

Refresher Class, 2-4 hrs
Need to brush up on your skills? Practice your sailing skills with a knowledgable instructor. Not for certification.





Cancellation Policy; A full class credit will be issued to you if for any reason you must cancel your sailing class or charter ten days before start of class or charter. Credit is good for one year after the first date of enrollment. Credits are transferable to friends or family members. If cancelling within ten days of start of class or charter there are no refunds, unless you have purchased the refund insurance described below. Cancellations due to weather will be given a credit. Cash refunds are granted if you purchased Refund Insurance (see below). Special Note: for Basic Coastal Navigation class (ASA 105), there is no credit extended if you cancel. You may receive a refund if you purchased the refund insurance.

Refund Insurance; Unexpected events sometimes arise and force us to change our plans. Sailing Ventures offers our sailing students Refund Insurance for $45 per class and per student--due at the time of enrollment. Refund Insurance entitles you to a full refund of class tuition should you cancel your enrollment more than ten days prior to the start of your class. If you cancel within ten days of the start of your class, you will receive a full credit of your tuition valid for one year from your original class date. Credit is transferable to friends and family members, and is good for all Sailing Ventures classes.


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